Instructional Boat Charter Holidays

If you are not a confident sailor, or you are going to be sailing in an unknown area of the world, they why not try an Instructional Boat Charter Holdiay. Here you will be joined by a sailing instructor for a certain period of your holiday - this could be a day, a week, or longer. They will be able to instruct you on the use of your boat and hopefully by the time they leave you will be confident and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Some companies who provide bareboat charter holidays are:

  • SunSail -
  • AllAFloat -
  • OceanBlue -
  • Portway Yacht Charters -

Details of which areas these companies cover can be found on the Flotilla Holidays page.

If you are confident enough to sail your own boat look at our BareBoat Charter page. Or try a Skippered Charter Holiday to help you learn to sail.