Sailing Flotilla Holidays

Flotilla Holidays are a great way to get started for those with an bit of an independent streak. And the social scene is can be something else. The flotilla usually comprises of 8/10 boats, one of which, referred to as the lead boat, carries a skipper, hostess and an engineer.

The skipper will be responsible for ensuring that the guests on the other boats in the flotilla have the navigational skills and boat handling/seamanship skills required providing help and advice where required.

The hostess will organise the social events - meals out in the evening, lunchtime barbecues and the famous last night party.

The engineer is there to repair the boats while the holiday makers will do their best to break things as they learn to sail. Your initial impression of this type of charter may be that the whole thing would be a bit regimented with all the boats in the flotilla following the lead boat like ducklings do a duck. This is far from what happens in practice. The day begins with the skipper of the lead boat carrying out a briefing giving the destination you will be expected to make for during the day and any navigational considerations along the way and then you're pretty much on your own. The next time you see the lead boat will be at that evenings destination where the crew will be waiting to assist you with berthing. A great way to sail in company with the reassurance that experienced help is never more than a VHF call away.

Some companies who provide flotilla holidays are:

SunSail Croatia, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Carribean, UK, Canada, USA, Malaysia, Seychelles , Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Polynesia
OceanBlue Italy, Sicily, Corsica, Sardinia, France, Greece, Turkey & Mallorca
AllAFloat Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Sardinia, Corsica, France, Spain, Canaries, Balearics, Caribbean, Cuba, Seychelles, Thailand, Australia
Portway Yacht Charters Waters and Lochs of the West Coast of Scotland
SailingHolidays Greece, Croatia


Article by: ken jones